A new beginning (2)

If you read this text it means I managed. I actually managed to write my first blog entry and it has been way more difficult than I have ever imagined it would be. I always thought you just collect your ideas put them on paper click publish and the job is done. I wish it was that easy for me. I have so many topics I like to talk about and now would like to write about I do not even know where to start with, how to start with but more importantly to get the courage to start with it. Talking is much easier than writing it seems, who would have thought. I have only discovered this now while putting this text together trying to make it coherent and give it some sort of sense. I must admit the fact that I do not find it easy to share my deepest thoughts and feelings with many doesn’t make this exercise any easier. Plus I do not really trust myself enough to think that too many people (other than my husband who is by law committed to listen to me any time I need it 😉 )  would actually be interested in me or what I have to say. Oh well this got complicated and it has only been 400 words so far.

Anyhow, to get over this fear of mine (don’t know if he actually knew I had it) and try a new self-development project my dear husband suggested to start a blog. After two weeks of nothing happening  (he can be very “patient” when he gets an idea in his head ;)) he decided he will take my digital future in his hands and create a blog for us and started writing on it without putting any pressure on me to do so too. 😛

You can see he was successful my silence has broken and so we start the journey of our joint blog. My blind guess is that it will end up like a big bowl of veggie soup with all sorts of texts written on all sorts of topics in very different styles but probably/hopefully that will be the soul of it. 😀

I haven’t decided yet what will be my be next entry but it I kind of have a plan. It will probably cover  parenting, or family life, or  work-family  life balance, or tolerance and empathy or the lack of it in our society, or multiculturalism, or something related to one of these. 😀

Thank you hubby for making me do this.

I hope we will all have some fun here 😉

See you soon,



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